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Bathroom Remodeling Bakersfield using Sentrel System - Home Improvement

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A bathroom is a place in your home that can get a lot of use.  It’s where everyone gets ready for the day.  So why not make it somewhere that is nice to be in.  A bathroom remodel by Elite Energy Savers can transform your bathroom into a beautiful, stylish space that you will be proud of.  Upgraded fixtures, flooring materials and surfaces will not only make your bathroom look great, it will also increase the value of your home.  The dedicated professionals at Elite Energy Savers can upgrade any space into something special that will last for many years to come.

Elite Energy Savers specializes in Sentrel

If you’re looking for that high-end look of natural stone, granite or marble wall panels but without the high cost and cleaning issues, Elite Energy has the perfect solution.  It’s called Sentrel.

Sentel is a bathroom wall surround system made from a multi-layered composite material that was designed to be an affordable and low maintenance option to stone and granite wet-wall bathroom installations.  It can be used anywhere that will come into contact with water.

Popular uses of Sentrel are shower wall panels, tubs and tub decks, bathroom walls, corner and bench seats.  It can even be used for kitchen back splashes.  Any place that you want a stylish look that will get wet is a good place for Sentrel.

Bathroom Remodeling in Athens Style

The Benefits of a Sentrel Bath:

The great look of natural stone.  Sentrel comes in dozens of natural stone patterns.

Easy to clean and maintain.  Sentrel is non-porous and has no grout lines, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Costs much less than real stone.  Sentrel cost significantly less that natural stone and is often less than other bathroom remodeling products.

Mold/mildew resistant.  Sentrel is much more hygenic than natural stone because it is impervious to water, bacteria, mold and mildew.  It requires no sealants.

Versatile and highly customizable. Because Sentrel is easy to customize on-site during installation, it can be easily adapted to bathrooms of all configurations.

Long Lasting.  Sentrel is durable, scratch resistant and made to last.  It’s twice as thick as most acrylic and fiberglass surrounds.

We use Cardinal Shower Enclosures in our Bathroom Remodeling

cardinal shower doorElite Energy Savers uses Cardinal Shower Enclosures, which offers an extremely wide selection of models, finishes and glass options, including patterned and cast glass. Cardinal Shower Enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability and durability.

Would you like to find out more about the Sentrel Bath System or Bathroom Remodeling by Elite Energy Savers?  Give us a call at (661) 396-9970 or 1-844-396-9970, or stop by our showroom at 4415 Yeager Way, Suite 200 in Bakersfield, California and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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